SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.964

SimpleSpa is a simple to navigate platform, your general business information, clients/staff/services etc. and general settings are found in the left menu, and the top navigation provides access to the appointments page and POS when on the Dashboard or Appointments page; SimpleSpa makes managing your business simply and efficient; when you first signup for SimpleSpa there is a wizard that will allow you to add some of your business information and then your first service and staff in the system so you can quickly navigate to the appointments page and make your first booking

Adding Service

When you first signup for SimpleSpa you will be prompted with a wizard to add a Service in case you do not see this please refer to Managing Services to add to your account

Adding Staff

After adding your service, you will need to have at least one staff/provider in order to make your first booking in the appointments page, please visit the Managing Staff to add staff to your account. Note that staff will need to have allocated service categories/specialties in order for those to be bookable online, see Assigning Specialties

Adding an appointment is quick with SimpleSpa; in general you would visit the appointments page and simply select/click directly on the time slot to bring up the appointments Wizard, for more information please visit Creating an Appointment

Once you have a scheduled appointment, the next step would be to checkout the client. Select the appointment and from the appointment popup click on Pay Now to bring up the POS, select the payment type on top and hit the Green Save button to record your first transaction; for more details visit Appointment Checkout