SimpleSpa Documentation Current release v4.964

SimpleSpa supports selling series of services or bundle as a package using the POS

When creating a package, you can set the specifics of that package in the system including the services, the quantity (shortened to QTY) to credit, name, price, expiration and notes along with other settings listed listed bellow

Adding Package

To add a package press the respective and from the popup you can build your package.

Editing Package

To edit a package, press the button, the new popup will allow you to adjust price, qty, duration/expiration, description and the auto-deduct setting. Please note that Services cannot be added or removed from editing, and if you do require to add or remove services you will need to create a new package that will include a new set of services. Any changes made while editing will affect future packages i.e. if Package A has an original QTY set to 10 and it is sold to a client, editing the package and changing the QTY to 5 will not deduct from the package clients have on file (the same applies for expirations and price), changes affect transactions going forward

SimpleSpa allows you to customize various settings for each pacakge including:


This will be the package name that you will see in the POS


The total price for this package, regardless of the service price


The total service units which will be credited to your client once the package has been sold using the POS


Set the duration/expiration for the packages that have been sold


Add the respective service(s) to the package, these services are credited with the QTY specified. If you have commission enabled in your business, note that commission is calculated according to the total package price / by the QTY to find the per visit price when the client has a scheduled appointment (note that discounts do not apply to the commission for packages)


This is an internal description of the package that is being setup

Auto Deduct Package

At the time of the appointment, the system can auto-deduct the clients credit automatically. If this is unchecked, pressing the Charge Package Now from the appointment popup will deduct the respective credit from the clients credits

When making a sale, selecting the packages tab will show all available packages. To sell a package select the package which will display the associated services (and qty that will be credited). If the client has an associated service with the package, a -1 Credit will appear to deduct a single credit from the package in one go during the sale.

When an appointment is booked in SimpleSpa using the appointment wizard, during the summary page, if the client has credits for the service selected, an information section will appear showing the number of credits that the client has for the appointment.

From the clients page, select the client that you would like to adjust their package balance, and then navigate to the packages tab. From there you can press the pencil button to adjust the remaining credit balance they have.

Memberships are available if your account is connected with Stripe. Once the account is connected to Stripe a new tab will appear in the packages page which will show Memberships. A membership consists of two parts:

  • The items which will be credited (packages and discount profile)
  • The payment profile

Creating your first Membership

  • The first step to assign the packages which will be credited (packages are credited upon each successful payment on this membership), optionally a discount can also be added, which applies universally based on the discount profile added (discount profiles are created in the Discounts page).
  • The second step is to create a payment profile by selecting the membership again (press the button to edit the package), select the payment profile tab
    • From here the Price (the price that will be paid per frequency x interval period), Frequency (how many intervals will be the payment be charged) and Interval (when should this be charged recurringly)
    • i.e. for a payment profile with a Price: $10 - Frequency: Every 1 - Interval: Month(s) : the membership will be set to charge every 1 month $10.
    • i.e. for a payment profile with a Price: $10 - Frequency: Every 6 - Interval: Month(s) : the membership will be set to charge every 6 months $10.
    • Intervals can be set to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
    • Payment Profiles cannot be edited, and a new profile will need to be created
    • Clients that are subscribed to a payment profile/membership will need to be cancelled even if the profile has been deleted.

Viewing Clients with Memberships

To view clients that have standing memberships, visit the Clients page, and then click on the Clients / Memberships tab which will bring up all clients that have standing memberships, there you can pause and cancel any membership you like.
Memberships can also be viewed directly in the client profile, and can also be paused/canceled if needed.

Pausing or Cancelling a Membership

To pause or cancel a membership, find the membership that you would to manage in the Clients/Memberships tab and click on the to pause a membership. Pausing a membership will not charge the client until it has been unpaused and will resume on the scheduled billing cycle. If the billing cycle has passed the following billing cycle will be charged when resumed.
The to cancel a membership. Cancelled memberships cannot be restored and will be to be sold again using the POS.